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"Not only is TJ able to engage each child to listen and follow her instruction carefully, she then keeps their focused attention throughout, which creates a wonderful learning environment".

"TJ's approach was relaxed and engaging. Her ideas were imaginative and pitched at the children's level. TJ incoporated all areas of the curriculum in her sessions. Her skills and ideas are excellent".


Rio Roberts: Early years teacher.

"TJ is quick to establish an easy and wonderful rapport with all children and has great relationships with parents and carers too".  

"It is clear that TJ enjoys working with young children.  Even the most timid child has a happy time and increases in confidence and ability under her encouragement and care. Both of my children have flourished and always look forward to their next class with great excitement and anticipation". 

"TJ always recognises improvement and the children show a great sense of achievement with each new skill mastered".

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