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Can I go into the class with my child?

How long is a class?

Classes are 45 minutes.

Ideally the child comes in on their own, this helps to grow their independence and confidence. However, as children are all so
different and some might need a little help when they first start at Bananadrama, a guardian is more than welcome to join us, either sitting at the side or even joining in themselves, until their child feels
comfortable enough to be left alone.

Can I pay per session?

Classes are payable as a half termly block booking and not per class.

Can I leave the building?

What happens if you, Bananadrama cancels a class?

The parent / carer must stay close by during the class just in case your child needs to use the toilet.

What should my child bring/wear for the session?

We will try and book a replacement class at the end of that term. If this isn’t possible the cost of that class will be deducted form the next terms payment. If you are not returning you will be offered a refund for the cancelled class.

Classes are very active so please make sure your child is wearing something comfortable and safe shoes . They do not need to bring anything to class.

"TJ always recognises improvement and the children show a great sense of achievement with each new skill mastered."

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